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Founded in 2015, Humber Software Services Inc. builds scalable, robust, and high-quality software systems for the online business community. The online business community has a huge appetite for affordable software services. Our solutions are usually offered as cloud services, but we also build custom solutions that run on your on-premise infrastructure. Our systems are designed to meet current needs and have the flexibility to grow gracefully over time to meet future needs. Our mission is to become a center of excellence for cloud-based software solutions.


The nature of doing business online is such that today you may serve hundreds of people, but tomorrow it may be tens of thousands or even millions of people. It is quite reassuring and advantageous to have the capability to scale up or down easily without ruining your finances. The cloud-based systems that we build have the ability to scale to accommodate your growth regardless of how explosive it becomes.


A stable system enhances the user experience. Everyone likes software that behaves in predictable ways that they can rely on. An unstable system takes away from a pleasant and productive experience and adds to a negative perception of a system. We strive always to have resilience and stability into all our systems.


A well-architectured design is the key to a good quality software offering. The design of software components and how they interact with each other affect how the system can change over time. Software changes are inevitable, but a well-designed solution will age (accomodate changes) more gracefully than one that is haphazardly designed.

Products and Services

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Consultancy Services

Do you want to move to the cloud? We'll work with you to deliver a tailor-made solution.

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- Software Design for the cloud
- Database Design
- Migration
- Data Mining
- Business Intelligence with cloud tools

Breeze Order Manager for Paypal
Breeze Order Manager

Windows app. Batch print customized packing slips, invoices, and address labels for PayPal transactions

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Shipbee Order Manager

Windows app. multi-channel (Amazon+Paypal) order manager and shipping automation software. Provide feedback on beta and use for Free

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Humber Software Services Inc. is a Canadian incorporated software publisher based in beautiful Toronto, Canada. The best way to reach us is through email at

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